Examples of People With Birth Defects and Disabilities

So birth defects, nobodys get them right? WRONG!!! Birth defects can happen to anyone. Take Aimee Mullins for example. She is among the top 50 most beautiful people in the world. Wow that is pretty special. But, you know what else is special about her? She is an amputee. That means that sometime in her life she had to get some limb or limbs removed because they were either infected with a deadly disease or they did not function right. In Aimee case it is her legs that she had to have amputated. She says that it doesn’t bother her and that she dosen’t view herself as disabled and that she just views it as a challenge. So whenever she runs in races she has a cheetah-like pair of prosthetic legs that she wears. And when she goes to those huge celeb partys she has a more ‘shaply’ pair with fancy shoes attacthed.

Another example of a birth defect, in fact one that was corrected, is of a boy named Ryan Fuchs. This boy was born with only a thumb and pinkie on one hand. So Dr. William Seitz took bones from Ryan’s toes to make new fingers for his hand, his left hand. Since the bones were not near long enough, the Dr. aplied a stretching mechanism that stretched out the bones for 28 days so as to make them the correct length for continual growth. So not all birth defects and disablilities are hopelessly unable to be solved. There are several examples of birth defects and disabilities being corrected.


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